What has changed


1 Our website
Even though little, our website has changed. We have decided to leave our travel scheduling unchanged and we are going to cancel only forthcoming departures, following the official announcements.


2 Our reaction time
In some cases it can be more than 24 hours. We are working from home and we miss the usual teamwork with our colleagues in the office. Our aim is giving everybody a customized reply, reflecting the official statements.


3 Cancellations and re-bookings
If you would like to re-schedule your tour in 2021, please contact us at your earliest convenience. We will consider your deposit as credit for your future trip, if possible with no fees nor extra charges, and always respecting the official statements. Thank you for your understanding. While we sail together in these rough waters, we also hope to reach a safe harbour soon.


4 Booking a new tour
If you would like to book a tour but you have many doubts, please consider that we will shortly publish on our website a list of tours which can be reserved in 2020, with the possibility to cancel without any fees, if necessary.

A message from our Boss



I’m thinking of you.

“In the darkness, words weigh the double”. This sentence particularly stroke me yesterday.
And we’ve never been so aware of this as in these days. Such as words, also pictures and videos weigh the double!
Mama mia! How true this is…

I’m here to speak the least possible, and to highlight the idea of break for everybody: here in Vicenza, in Italy and in the whole world.

Here below you can see 8 of us that have been working from home since mid March. The pictures of many other people are still missing: our mechanics, boats’ crews, tour leaders, suppliers and hoteliers, whom we’ve been working long with. I know that they are also preparing to start again, exactly like we are.

smart working


Now I would like to show you what’s going on in our headquarters, where we cannot go for the moment.
Our IT manager (and now keeper) lives very close from here and is always ready to solve technical problems. He also follows my mother’s orders: watering the twelve lemon trees which are still inside the building (during the night temperatures are still cool in March).

Take care and be safe,

Pierpaolo Romio, CEO… or the Capo (our Boss), as we would say here in Vicenza.



COVID-19 news



May 4th, 2020: start of the so called phase 2, with the first re-openings after the lockdown with its measures against the spread of Covid-19. Our Coronavirus team (the task force in charge of the emergency) has cancelled all tours up to June 30th 2020 and is contacting all interested clients.



April 2nd, 2020: the task force in charge of the emergency has begun to cancel early May departures and to contact the clients booked on them.



March 18th, 2020: we have finished to contact all clients booked on departures which have been cancelled, in Italy and in the whole world, up to the end of April.



March 13th, 2020: nobody can enter our headquarters any more! We are all working from home. The only exceptions are urgent matters, such as maintenance activities, carried out by our keeper.



March 7th, 2020: in the rest of the world life goes on as usual. Covid-19 seems to be a problem only in China and Italy. The tourism sector acts in a short-sighted way and simply bans China and Italy as tourist destinations



March 6th, 2020: stricter infection prevention measures: half of our staff is now woking from home, while the rest is still in the office, respecting the safety distance required. Any couriers, postmen, visitors and even clients cannot enter our headquarters any more.



February 25th, 2020: first practical infection prevention measures in our offices: for example, we have begun using disposable paper towels in the restrooms.



February 21st, 2020: first confirmed Coronavirus case in Northern Italy.



January 24th, 2020: first confirmed Coronavirus case in Europe (source: New England Journal of Medicine).