Our own info material

The material we edit in-house includes, every year, all the updates and most recent literature concerning the itineraries in our brochure. Whatever the original language may be, the material gets professionally translated into English, German, French and Italian.

"Greens" bike guides

First launched in 2011 and growing every year. These cycling guides are entirely produced by Girolibero and come in a practical format that's easy to read and carry. A Girolibero Green on your bookshelves is also a great way to reminisce about your holiday.

The Greens set consists of:

  • booklet with detailed maps of the itinerary: in colour and scaled 1:75.000/50.000, an altitude profile chart and maps of any historic city centres you would visit.
  • roadbook: a detailed description, stage by stage, of the itinerary with precise directions. To be used in conjunction with the maps.
  • travel guide: with valuable information about the history, artistic heritage, landscapes and natural treasures of the areas visited on the tour. Plus: local events, some great anecdotes, suggestions on how to make the best of an extended break along the route, and tips on local wining and dining.

Map booklets and roadbooks are available for most of our tours in Italy in the following languages: English, German, French and Italian, and in some cases in other languages too.


Green travel guides are currently available for:

  • Venice-Mantova/Mantova-Venice
  • Bolzano-Verona-Venice 
  • Venice Lands 
  • from Venice to Poreč
  • from Passo Resia to Bolzano 
  • Provence and Camargue
  • Apulia
  • from Paris to London
  • Tuscany
  • The Loire Valley
  • Euganean Hills



For other destinations, we provide travel guides by other publishers -equally comprehensive and up-to-date.












All our Greens on our Issu.com stack!


Cooperation with other publishers

We have teamed up with a number of specialist publishers to create some cycling guides exclusively for our clients. The Danube, Drava and Lake Constance cycling guide, for instance, is published by Ediciclo Editore.
We have provided the German publisher Esterbauer (who produce the well known "Bikeline" guides) with our own maps for the Venice Lands and Tuscany/Chianti tours.